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About Us

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Who We Are

The Brighter Georgia Coalition is a group of businesses, schools, parents, leaders, officials, members of clergy, teachers and students who believe that all Georgia students deserve an effective education that prepares them for college, career and life.


Knowledge Empowers You Chalk IllustrationWe know that our students have the potential to achieve at high levels and become prouctive members of society. Moreveover, we believe that the economic development of Georgia depends on the educational outcomes of our students. Our expectations are high because our students deserve the best quality schools, no less.  


There are 1,703,332 students in public schools in the state of Georgia attending approximately 2,390 schools.  While some of those schools are making a difference for students, many others are not. 


In fact, in 2013 only 34 percent of fourth-graders and 32 percent of holding future in skyeighth-graders met the reading standard set by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the largest nationwide sampling of education achievement. Also in 2013, just 29 percent of fourth-graders and 29 percent of eighth-graders were at or above NAEP standards in math.  This is just not good enough. 


 Research shows that success in mathematics in elementary and middle school are a strong predictor of students entering science and math careers. By not ensuring that our students have  the best education, we stiffled their future.  We must fix that. 


This coalition is serious in its commitment to help facilitate the The best is yet to cometransformational change needed in our  GA schools We have a genuine commitment to the future of our children, our schools and our state. But deep down, if we are honest, we know that our current system is failing far too many children. This is why we are committed to work together to  build a better future, one that can be better, brighter! 

Coalition Members

The nonpartisan Brighter Georgia Education Coalition* consists of a broad range of organizations working together to ensure all of Georgia’s students have access to a quality education. Members of the coalition include: